Call it an extended amateur hour, but the police departments of Avon and Somerset Police took an epic eight hours to attempt to clear hundreds of ravers from an illegal event in Vallis Vale on the outskirts of Frome.

An initial call came into the departments around 1:30am BST but it wasn’t until close to 10am that the bumbling forces were able to shut the music off. Naturally, the events that transpired leave virtually no one happy. For fans, the police presence was obviously a buzzkill while for residents, the fact the event took 8 hours to close definitely rubbed them the wrong way.

“There were a large number of people in attendance and we needed to have the right number of resources in place to make sure they could leave without putting themselves or others at risk,” Chief Superintendent Ian Smith used as his excuse to the residents, going on to “ensure” that, “We’ll be carrying out an investigation to establish the full circumstances and to ensure all criminal offences are pursued”.

To be honest, some of the best reactions on the event are coming from the comments on the Avon and Somerset Facebook post, featuring a nice balance of reactions.

Source: BBC