Julien Sandre comes from the new school, a producer who has dabbled in techno, tech house and straight up house vibes, he never sits still preferring to keep it moving with a slew of releases coming through in 2014 and plenty of gigs around Europe. Julien was born in Italy but resides in Paris, with dual nationality that comes through in his music – there’s a little Latin fire in there, with plenty of French soul and funk. His latest EP comes via the Nice To Be label, which is based in Italy.

Diamonds contains three original tracks and a remix from French house veteran Franck Roger, and the title track sets the tone perfectly. “Diamonds” has a slight air of Maya Jane Coles’ “What They Say” to it, with its dreamy twinkles and ethereal pads, though the kick has a far stronger propulsive energy to it and when that bass drops in you know you’ve got a track that is far different to Coles’ seminal release. An indeciperable male vocal is usurped by a lovely female one which really gives the track its character. It all works together to create a super catchy, sultry groover. Franck Roger gives the track his own spin, shaving away the melodic elements and focusing on a heftier set of percussion and a tougher bassline.

Julien teams with Angelo Perra for the third track on the EP, name “Deepvision“, it’s a smooth ride into the unknown with a spoken-word sample supported by an organic sounding bassline, and simple yet absorbing atmospherics. Last up is “Gang Of Paris“, which again features a spoken-word sample, this time placed in the background of a more leftfield composition – this is Sandre in the zone, pushing things a little further with unusual sound effects and a captivating arrangement. Slick like Rick!

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Diamonds EP