What qualities do you look for in a FINA Records artist?
When we’re looking for new artists, its really just a case of trying to work with producers we respect and whose music we like – whether they’re established or not. And of course their style needs to fit with the ethos of either label. We’ve got to a stage where established acts send us their music off their own back which is a massive compliment. Its great to know that artists want to be part of what we do. Similarly we get loads of demos through from young up and coming producers who are fans of the label. Its ace that they are buying into our sound and we always love to support genuine young talent.

What specific qualities? Again I think it comes down to quality itself and originality and a degree of intelligence and thinking outside the box. And we always go for artists who have an unmistakable groove to their production style.

Describe 3 seminal moments in FINA Records existence?
I think our 3rd release by Roberto Rodriguez has to be one of the defining moments. The fact that Move D requested a second copy coz his first had worn out says it all really!

End of last year I suppose what the beginning of an important new chapter for FINA – on the business side of things we parted company with 2020 and we also launched FINA White which adds another string to the brand’s bow. Ultimately it’s given us the scope work with a broader range of artists

On a personal level, it was great to remix Rick Wade – an artist who’ve I’ve always had a massive amount of respect for. And I was equally chuffed to see it receive such a positive response.

Most disappointing moment in FINA Records existence?
There’s no distinctive moment that comes to mind –its been a pretty positive experience so far but it’s always pretty gutting when releases don’t get the traction we think they deserve.

Describe FINA Records album artwork?
The artwork started off pretty basic in an effort to get the branding out there – but after the firs 6 releases we changed it up with image based artwork behind the logo. They were never really linked to the tracks themselves thematically, but just images we liked and thought compliments the release in some way. Now we use a designer called James Hunter from Leeds. I wanted something less mage based and more organic and earthy and he came up with these fibrous, flowing patterns which I reckon captures what our sound is all about. Each release is different but is a variation on the same kind of theme. Visually I think it’s a great fit. For FINA White, its pretty simple – ate label is always white – a direct reference to white labels of old and of course the label’s name – only the colour of the text will change with every release. No, frills- again just like the music.

Best Fina Records showcase?
Unfortunately we haven’t done many as of yet – partly because I’ve wanted to focus on building up the label’s profile first – but it is something we’re planning to change for 2016. But out of the few parties we have done, I would have to say doing a sell out show at Sonar alongside Electric Minds was pretty cool and we hosted room 3 in Fabric last summer too which we were really chuffed about.

Our first birthday party we held at a warehouse in Leeds I was running was pretty special too.

Worst FINA Records showcase?
We haven’t done enough yet – ask me again next year!

Dream FINA Records artist?
A tough one. Laurent Garnier, Omar S, Moodman, Soundstream, Chez Damier, Delano Smith , Max Graef the list goes on

Most important business/music app/program/software?
Audilock do a wicked job at taking down illegal downloads
Ableton – fast and quick for editing tracks
We Transfer for obvious reasons

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
Done plenty of 24 hr shifts running Defected’s night in Ibiza – but for FINA? Probably the first birthday party – sweeping up mid morning after the party finished was pretty grim. Another 24 slog – But worth it.

Upcoming projects?
We’ve got a whole host of great releases coming on FINA– Terrence Pearce with a wicked Francis Inferno Orchestra remix, original releases from Monty Luke, Takuya Matsumoto, Saine and Passo. On FINA White we got The Organ Grinder, Schmutz and Affie Yousuf. I’m really excited about what’s coming up

We’re also rereleasing some of the back catalogue on a comp called ‘Refill’.

We’ve finally got round to launching our website and we’ll be adding a shop where you can buy our vinyl direct and our cool new range of Tees.

We’ll also be continuing with our bi monthly radio show which is going from strength to strength – check it out on our Soundcloud. Excuse our dodgy radio voice btw– it’s a work in progress 😉

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