Electronic music duo Cleavage fuses Music, Film and Art in their daring new video concept ‘Jinx’. It combines music with footage of a live art-experience. In doing so, Cleavage embraces its philosophy of combining art-forms through the medium of electronic music.

Recently, the Amsterdam DJ/producer duo Cleavage is releasing a bold, hour-long video to accompany their successful mixtape Dressed. The mix, characterised by its deep and soulful sound, was released as part of their “Dressed / Naked Tapes” on Deep House Amsterdam.

One of the members of the duo is an artist as well as a DJ/Producer, and is the creative force behind the concept, which is a video-clip, filmed in super slow motion featuring a woman’s chest functioning as a canvas. While the woman’s breasts are painted and clad in all sorts of colours, a wide-array of objects appear in front of the camera as well; objects that are inherent or of symbolic value to the producer-duo. While the intensity of the mixtape progresses, so does the intensity of the art performance, as the viewer enters different stages, each with its own vibrant colour palette. The ultimate goal is a synergetic experience where music and art reinforce each other in one medium. Here you go, take a look yourself.

[youtube id=”8yowTXvs6s8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]
Next week, on Friday the 21st, Cleavage will play a 3 hr set at Chicago Social Club, where the visual experience will again be of significant importance to their act. Next to the Cleavage boys, New Jack City and Alexander Valentyn will make their appearance. Don’t miss this night filled with sexy, smooth house. Show us some Cleavage!

Cleavage | New Jack City | Alexander Valentyn |

February 21st | NAKED | Tickets | Chicago Social Club