Phil Gerus is a natural musical who Fuses together cassette pop, disco, soul, r&b and funk.

His sounds are hugely emotive and have been featured on the likes of Sonar Kollektiv, ManMakeMusic, Futureboogie and True Romance. Phil has played around the world at leading clubs like Japan’s Dommune and various hotspots in Europe and Russia, as well as being a regular guest on radio shows around the planet.

This is very much an artist on the rise, so check out why as he drops the 270th edition of our mix series.

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1. Vono – This Door
2. Gils On Top – Being Scrubbed
3. Riccardo Cioni & D.J. F.T. Band – Fog
4. Gorilla Aktiv – 1983
5. Grace Rico – Tell Me
6. Tara Cross – Like I Am, Comme Je Suis
7. Front 242 – Commando
8. Die Form – Leders Klub Murray CY edit
9. Phil Gerus – Ohashi Sky Garden Richard Sen Remix
10. Hysteric – Venice By Night
11. ixvlf – Course
12. chbb – Go Go Go
13. Dz Lectric Anthon Shield – Flesh Order
14. Phil Gerus – Mistress Uniform
15. Betty Wright – Sinderella Disconet Remix
16. Series A – Evolution Technology
17. Sm Nurse – Hot Day
18. Southern Expousure – Love Is M.M. Simply Touch
19. Gigi Masin – Snake Theory