The EDM world is in a state of turmoil after DJ Tiësto collapsed on stage last Friday night during a gig in San Jose (California), putting his American tour to an abrupt halt, leaving thousands of ticket holders in L.A. and San Diego disgruntled. The claims of the famed DJ hitting an LED-screen were suddenly abandoned when an investigation into the occurrence pointed out that Tiësto was actually physically and mentally drained by having to hear his music every single night.

Dr. Rudolph Kaufman, who specializes in DJs that run a high risk of ‘ear-exhaustion‘ – also known as ‘EDM-fatigue‘ – led the investigation and put the Dutch superstar under a substantive medical exam in the following days after the unhappy incident. What he saw was devastating: “Tiësto was completely out of it. When I first visited him in the San Jose hospital late Friday night he was looking pale and lifeless, like he was in a coma.” When Tiësto came back to consciousness the following afternoon, he reportedly started talking gibberish, declaring he’s “sick and tired of hearing the same dreary, monotone beats every goddamn night!”. On Sunday he was almost fully recovered, according to the medical staff, and was allowed to leave the hospital.

Dr. Kaufman also explained that this is not the first case of ear-exhaustion in the EDM-scene. Avicii and Afrojack are said to have been suffering from the same symptoms as Tiësto during the course of the last year, only not so dramatically as their colleague has last weekend. Kaufman continues: “ear-exhaustion has become more and more of a serious problem over the last years, especially since the hyper-commercialization of the genre, which has made nearly every EDM artist and their music sound exactly the same”.

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In happier times..

Kaufman’s worries are eased by statements like the one from Hardwell last month, where he shared his tiredness of the formula in the business and how he wants to redefine it. Fluorescently clad, neon-painted EDM fans have reacted cynically, calling Hardwell’s claim “a disgrace” and wanting to hear “more of the same for a few more years”.

Underground artists from the house and techno scene have not commented on Friday’s incident so far, but an acquaintance of  Seth Troxler supposedly said that “he laughed his ass of” and “then took off all his clothes for no apparent reason”.

Stay tuned for the latest developments on the story.