Arriving in suave style for DHA is Cocodrills – the Miami boys who have been on a tear in the US for the past 4 years. Christian “Pridef” Diaz and Adam Cruz are a new breed of producers that bring a fresh perspective of energy and versatility that is undeniable.

Stacey Pullen’s Blackflag Recordings has welcomed Cocodrills into the family with open arms, enlisting one of the stronger players in the Miami DJ circuit over the past 4 years. This March, they’ve been seen playing alongside Ellen AllienOliver DollarLeonRoger SanchezOscar G and Amine Edge & Dance, proving they have well earned their strips as Miami residents.

The ‘Got It Good’ EP brings nothing but that signature groove the Blackflag team are so well known for. Deep, percussive and shoulder shaking vibes that are sure to keep you on the dance floor for days. We managed to get a few words from the duo themselves – discussing their rise through Miami, a recent b2b session with the Martinez Brothers, and even a chat about how they’re playing at P Diddy‘s house parties.

“… it has been a wonderful grind for us”

You’re comin’ in hot straight out of Miami – tell us about your guys’ rise through it all.

With a lot of support from family and management, it has been a wonderful grind for us. We didn’t have many expectations at our inception so we are extremely grateful to still be here doing what we love.

And you’re cruising to other cities as well for parties?

We’re traveling more and farther than ever and really looking forward to sharing our sound in new cities. We’re also in the works to take our Space residency party, En Noir, on tour.

Apparently you recently had a little sporadic b2b with the Martinez Brothers – closing at the Space Miami 30 Hr Marathon. That on-the-go approach makes it way more interesting right?

Definitely! We showed up for our set and they were there just hanging out. We approached them about a b2b and they seemed pretty enthusiastic about it. As soon as the crowd realized what was happening you could see everyone buzzing. It turned out to be an absolute blast that no one wanted to end!

You’re also casually rolling into Diddy’s house parties – what’s that like?

His parties are pure madness and his energy is awesome. He doesn’t just sit back, he’s the life of the party. On top of it all, his DJ lineups rival those of real conference parties.

You have a new EP en route – what’s the story?

We’ve got three original tracks on the EP, Got it Good, all with driven grooves and funky samples. We spent a lot of time going back and forth with Stacey working on this so we’re pleased to finally release it.

“Got it Good” is NOW AVAILABLE 2016 via Blackflag Recordings


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