Robotic sounds haven’t saturated enough dance music today that is why their reappearance is always upgraded with each coming season. As artists and labels gaze towards a symbolic outline of sounds, others hatch out of the unknown with imminent perception of the picture-perfect resonances. In the case of La Vie En Rose’s inventor, Terence Terry, his vision acts in accordance with the unexpected.

Terence Terry founded La Vie En Rose back in 2011 as his made-believe understanding of the clubbing scene did not suffice his expectations. French by origin but attached to the while isle, the label endorses the unfound blurred sensations from each club night and transposed them onto music. Mimics of robotics and allures of fading into nothingness describe the avant-garde record label. Taking part in the long vive project are names such as dOP’s vocalist Jaw, Rafael Murillo, Hanfry Martinez, Dyed Soundroom, Alexkid, Alex Arnout or Dan Ghenacia.

Now Terence Terry’s vision has prospered after merely the labels first couple of releases. When hearing La Vie En Rose’s release being unleashed on the dance floors we can only imagine the likes of Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers or Bella Sarris hammering them in the murky terrace of DC10 as they’ve already did so in the past.


Their 14th release sees Terence & Hanfry Martinez crafting a sticker for the label. Cornelius is Gaye EP is a fine example of the perfect house spirit transmitted by the two of them with notable distinctions. Heading towards margins of dub and minimal it blends with the given tropical vibe.

Our Full Premier features the A side of the EP, Cornelius is Gaye, lays itself on a classic 4/4 80’s house beat. Robotic features and faded white noises bring the track to a state of hypnosis as voices of Don Cornelius’s slinger around the track in the most unusual way possible. Along the freakishness of the track the toughening bass cord and the classic 80’s snare confine in a permanent placement on the shelves of each DJ.

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