Friendship, love or one’s own self-discovery – everything begins with this simple question: Who Are You?

With a Caribou’esque light-footed breeze, the Erfurt-based band combines the sometimes moody, sometimes confident voice of singer Martin Hansmann with Sebastian Klausing’s subdued house beats, before Robert Fränzel is pushing the right keys on his saxophone.

Zurich-based duo Animal Trainer who are up for remix duty are not only an instance of the legendary Hive Club, the Swiss duo have also revealed their passion for pop songs with plaintive vocals on such labels like Katermukke and Stil vor Talent. Their remix of „Who Are You“ is operating with a unique sense for playful synths who are soaring into crazy-wacky acid pirouettes.

“Who Are You EP” is out on August 28 on Poch Poch Records

Artist Page Hansmann & Klausing