Stefano Onorati, Walter Paoli and Andrea Guzzoletti are all praised and experienced musicians. Together they form The Box, a project born of the musicians desire to explore new sounds and approaches.

With the magical voice of Egyptian singer Ahmed Elsawy sung over the intelligent electronica, ethnic and acoustic instruments, ‚Sketches Of Pain‘ can be seen as a meet-up of two cultures. The release on Endless comes with three remixes from Luca Bacchetti, Eduardo De La Calle and Jon Charnis. The latter provides the remix we are proud to premiere today.

Jon Charnis’ career took of when he relocated from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles. Before this he already produced music under various guises but soon after he launched a new moniker under his actual birth name his track ‚Prophecy‘ was spotted by Innervisions head, Dixon, who signed the track to the Berlin based label. Since then he had releases on No.19 Music, Supernature, All Day I Dream and Leftroom Records.

Jons remix for ‚Sketches Of Pain‘ has a more experimental approach with a pure after-hours atmosphere with an ever present and detailed groove which made Charnis one of the most interesting artists of the American scene. The track as been met with overwhelming support from all the heavy hitters: Dixon, Alex Niggemann, Fur Coat, The Drifter, Matthias Meyer, Thugfucker, Frankey & Sandrino, Baikal, and Bedouin.

‘Sketches of Pain’ is available 13 June on Vinyl and 22 June digitally on Endless

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