It took a while, but the summer of 2014 is really a goner by now, as showers and heavy winds are now the daily picture as you open the curtains. But for those of you that just cannot say goodbye to that Indian summer that seemed to last forever, we have a treat for you.

You can escape for a little while by tuning into a cool new show produced by the guys of Hypefire TV, which they recorded on the White Isle last season: Ibiza Uncut. You could call it a talkshow, but in a slightly different way than you’re used to. It’s got interviews with some of the hottest stars around like Jamie Jones, Skream and Jackmaster, cool reports, and a vibe that already makes you want to plan your Ibiza holiday for next year. Here’s episode 1, featuring an interview with Jamie Jones and the man behind DJ Tech Tools. And a mermaid: