You mention your presence at key events, aside from Awakenings who else would fall in this category?
Awakenings is a very key player, who I have been playing with for a long time. They give me a lot of opportunities and I give them the opportunity to book me exclusively around certain times of the years. Then, we try and fit different things around it. There are so many things moving around in Amsterdam at the moment. We had Trouw that closed, and I had a residency. Now, De School is open by the disciples of the Trouw team. There is another warehouse opening as well, so it’s interesting to see what will happen and what the important gigs will be. It’s a bit like musical chairs. So, at this point, I am playing for different people, including the guys behind DGTL and Pleinvress. Also, there is an amazing new club called De Marktkantine, who have really been getting good lineups together.

Have you made it down to De School?
Yes, I went down when Seth Troxler was playing in January.

What do you think of the space?
I think they have found a very good space, especially to create something that is not like Trouw. It will never be like Trouw, and will have it’s own identity. I am interested to see what happens. Right now they seem to be programming very underground, working with new people. As of yet, I haven’t spoken with them about doing something together so, who knows, but I do already have a lot of things set in place for the year.

Returning to your birthday, as the years go by do you give thought about doing less gigs, or even branching out in different musical ventures, like film scoring, for example?
As I have a family with two kids, I already take one free weekend a month for quite some time so that I can have some quality time at home, which is essential. Unfortunately, gigging is one of the few ways you can really make a living as a DJ and in music. You can be a promoter, but that is definitely not what I am. I think film scoring is very interesting and I would love to do it. I have spoken with some people, orientational conversations, to see what the possibilities are there. One of the down sides of my skills are, that I don’t really play keyboards. I am not as a good at composing music as I would like to be, so it takes a long time. Maybe working against a deadline for something like film scoring could be challenging.

Finally, and I can’t believe I am saying this, but summertime plans are quickly approaching. What do you have set up for summer 2016?
So many things! I will be going back to Malta for a festival is April. Then there is Awakenings, of course. To be honest, there are so many things happening!

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