Joris Voorn, Dutch Producer extraordinaire, has added film Director to his prolific arsenal of creative output.

With an under_score house remix of Roni Size D&B classic ‘Brown Paper Bag,’ (entitled, simply, ‘Brown Paper’), the release is forthcoming on the Dutchman’s Rejected imprint.

In my interview with Joris from a few months ago, he explained that the visual arts have always been something he has been drawn to and, though we mostly spoke about film scoring, it was quite evident that this was an avenue Joris’ was quite keen on going down. In the video, you can see a very “indie” appraoch to cinematography, with crisp, closeup images, shaky camera, and an existential subtext of travesing the industraila wasteland.

Surely a valiant effort and debut from Joris Voorn. Who knows, maybe a Sundance or Cannes film will be in his future. If so, Joris! Call me, man…