Next Monday’s Hangover is not just a regular organization, even the name is shrouded in mystery. With their conceptual art, decoration and surprises they stand out in what they do. Their sound can be defined as forward thinking melodic techno with a touch of deep house. However, there is not always a need for a continuous beat or groove. Epic, storytelling atmospheres are the true sound of NMH. Additionally, their locations and opening hours, line-ups and stage areas are often one of a kind. This mini festival will again show their unique style, doing what they do best.

With Next Monday’s hangover also organizing events like ‘De Zon’ and ‘Buiten Westen’, they have proven their excellence in throwing events. And where others go for the usual suspects, NMH usually does the exact opposite. With artists like Apparat, Pantha Du Prince, Solee, COMA, Robag Wruhme, Lake People and many more, they stand out from the plane and the conventional. And with some of these names showing up coming Sunday, NMH will create something very special. Combined with the great weather forecast for this weekend it can only mean one hell of a party.


Arjuna Schiks | COMA (DE) | Daniel Zuur | Enrique’s Groove | John Tejada (USA) | Jorn Liefdeshuis | Lake People (DE) | Malawi | Mees Dierdorp | MikeyNice | Olaf Stuut | Pitto | Primo Disco | Rampue (DE) | Robag Wruhme (DE) | Satori | Silvester | Some Chemistry | Weval |

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