Another weekend full of sweet parties. Which one to choose? We’ll make it easy for you with our selection of party tips. In store for you this week:  Tom Trago, Jozif, Jaques Renault, Friend Within, De Sluwe Vos, Cleavage, Prunk, Elias Mazian & many more!


Dolly Surround w/ Tom Trago & Elias Mazian

Wednesday nights will never be the same when Dolly Surround is in town. Be prepared for a night filled with dancing, fun and musical discoveries from many corners like (deep) house, disco and funk. Tonight Elias Mazian will bring along big bro Tom Trago. Guess tonight we’ll have an early start of the weekend..

Tom Trago | Elias Mazian | Dolly Surroung DJs |

February 26 | Dolly Surround | Disco Dolly |


De Klamme Donderdag

De klamme donderdag is another perfect excuse for an early weekend. Organizations Klamme Handjes and Jongens v/d Wereld have invited a special guest from the UK, who will be making his Dutch debut: Friend Within. Bring along an extra pair of dancing shoes, just in case.

Friend Within | MOOSE | Halve Soul |

February 27 | De Klamme Donderdag | Tickets | De ClubUp |

de klamme donderdag


SUBFIX w/ Jozif

We’re back @ Beatclub for another rock-solid edition of SUBFIX. This time around we have the Crosstown Rebels star Jozif behind the decks. And if that’s not deep enough for ya, we’ve got promising young bloods Max Abysmal and David Leese warming up the main room for him. Upstairs you can indulge yourself in even more quality tunes, where WNDWLCKRS are celebrating their one year anniversary. Hush & Sleep and Sergio Obergh will assist the window lickers and drop some fat beats themselves. We’re hungry for this one!

Jozif | Max Abysmal | David Leese | WNDWLCKRS | Hush & Sleep | Sergio Obergh |

28 February | SUBFIX w/ Jozif | Tickets | Beatclub |




Take a journey through a world of different sounds. De Jongens v/d Wereld have outdone themselves again by delivering an excellent and diverse line up. Expect deeper sounds by Prunk, heavy banging with Sluwe Vos and boogie down with Elias Mazian. PAR-TAY.

De Sluwe Vos | Cleavage | Prunk | Elias Mazian | Artee | MOOSE | Sombro |

March 1 | Wereldvreemd | Tickets | Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse |


BACKSTAGE w/ Jacques Renault & Awanto3

Backstage has invited two formidable artists this Saturday. Renault you might know already: D.C. viola player turned prominent DJ/producer after moving to Chicago. Awanto3 on the other hand is less famous but one we all need to keep our eyes on, if we have to believe Tom Trago and Boris Werner. Chris Julien will be delivering the goods as he always does in his second home. Lastly, Vriendje van Ferry will undoubtedly funk things up with their ear-catching juvenile DJing behavior.

Jacques Renault | Awanto3 | Chris Julien | Vriendje van Ferry |

March 1 | BACKSTAGE | Tickets | Chicago Social Club |