Even though there are now more labels than ever in the dance music industry, it’s also the best moment to start your own with the current boom in dance culture. But how exactly do you start a record label? Because there’s a lot of planning, paper work and infrastructure that comes into the equation when you’re planning to open up your own imprint, right?

Well, the people at Ditto Music asked that same question and then found a solution to the hassle of starting your own record company: the Record Label In A Box. It features everything you need to start up. Depending on the package you buy, you can choose how much you want to have covered as a future label exec.

There are four box sets available: basic, premium, professional and enterprise. The premium box (340 euros) is probably the best deal here regarding value for money. It includes the start-up paperwork, which will officially turn your label idea into a limited company; the record label contract pack will get you covered regarding all your legal documents and artist contracts. Hard copies are enclosed for your reference. Your USB pen and online account contain digital templates that grant users legally binding contracts to everybody’s personal specifications.

Buyers will also receive a domain name to register your company under. The label certification guarantees your record label to be registered with the PPL and have the certificate to prove it. A business bank account for your new company at Barclays will allow starters to receive business support, free seminars, training, ongoing mentoring and advice.

The opportunities database is perhaps the most interesting part in the content package. What it will get you is access to an up to date list of possible business opportunities for you record label, be it festival opportunities, to Hollywood movies looking for soundtrack music.

The professional and enterprise boxes contain extra features, including a full-scale mentoring program that will guide you through every step you will need to take in the first year after setting up your label. It comes at a steep price though, as the enterprise level will cost you roughly 4.800 euros.