Named after their party concept, which debuts in Barcelona and also holds a Space Ibiza residency, Italian duo Tale of Us will now launch Afterlife the label.

Kicking off with “Realm of Consciusness,” a 10 track compilation, the Italian duo of Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri will donate an original production alongside work from the likes of Monoloc, Recondite, Mind Against, and more.

Of the decision to launch Afterlife as a label, Tale of Us told RA, “Initially we created Afterlife to organise club nights and shows to reflect our vision of music and take the crowd on a journey. We also want to push artists we believe in and are surrounded by so it was a very organic evolution to start Afterlife, the label. Both the events and the label will complement each other”.

New music was also teased, “We are also writing an EP ourselves to be hopefully released before the end of the year”.

Given that Tale of Us debut EP was only released in 2011, the duo has amassed a very impressive back catalogue, as well as general accolades within the scene of dance music in a short amount of time. From DJing clubs like Watergate, Tenax, and…oh well, everywhere, as well as festivals like Time Warp and DGTL, it is fair to assume that this new venture will also be something we hear from for quite some time.

“Realm of Consiousness” will be available 24 June on Afterlife. Check out a cut from the compilation (Obscure Shape & SHDW – Die Wiederkehr) below.

“Realm of Consiousness” tracklist

01. Tale Of Us – Lies
02. Monoloc – Phoenix
03. Recondite – Murphy’s Law
04. Woo York – Poseidon
05. Somne – Triangle
06. Jon Hester – Logan
07. Locked Groove – Emeralds
08. Ryan James Ford – Toree Bahrstad
09. Obscure Shape & SHDW – Die Wiederkehr
10. Mind Against – Gravity