Broadcasting from New York’s Governor’s Ball festival over the weekend, Vice Media joined the world of festival livstreaming for the first time, and the results were…well, take a look for yourself below.

Seemingly in on the genuinely awkward nature of the stream, the global media giant’s VICELAND described the debacle as “It was our first-ever live broadcast, and frankly, it might be our last”. Just witness as clueless correspondents battle through prolonged stage changes, ask revellers hard hitting questions like “what the drive was like from Long Island?” and demonstrate the proper way to put a condom on…a microphone.

Perhaps the issue here was the weather the festival encountered (it’s final day was cancelled as a result), creating something of a mess for all involved. In fact, one equipment manager describes his experience at the event as, “mostly a lot of standing around”. Or, perhaps it was the never ending nature of the livestream. Much like cable news, just because the time exists doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to find something to talk about, as one presenter found out, literally getting cut off due to having nothing of substance to say.


Source: EDMTunes