Perhaps drawing inspiration from Andy Samberg and Saturday Night Live, the Norwegian sketch comedy collective Kollektivet has produced a new parody video poking fun at the all-too-frequent electronic music performer problem, having just too many buttons in your gear.

As you can see, Kollektivet take a different approach to the usual “press play” DJ satire with the mockumentary clip. The premise is simple, instead of one button, the featured duo simply have too many and no idea what any do.  The setup features a dizzying array of launchpads, controllers and triggers that control everything from loops and sounds to foreign objects like light fixtures and elevators. Along the way, their button-mashing leads to a series of explosions, power outages, and awkward parental phone calls.

Though a fun presentation, does this speak to another issue pertaining to dance music performance and legitimacy? Is having too many pieces of gear analogues to having too few?  Is there such a thing as “too many” or “too few” in the first place?

2MANYBUTTONS isn’t the first time the Norwegian troupe has targeted dance music.  In 2013 they parodied Swedish House Mafia with “Hit Song”.