Exciting news are dripping in as the summer gets closer day by day. One thing that caught our eye is the new BH Mallorca, which is set to open its doors later this year. Standing where Mallorca Rocks was, the venue will go through a 10+ million euro refit, to boast a live venue, pool party area and a 18+ waterpark. With a great promotion crew behind, this venue will be attracting people who seek for the Mediterranean sun but are looking for something else than Ibiza.

Year by year, Mallorca, the biggest one of the balearic isles is going through interesting changes. One such is undertaken by BH Mallorca, as they are set to totally refit the old Mallorca Rocks into a new venue. The space is being turned into a party mecca for summer 2015, and based on what we’ve heard it sounds like no expenses have been spared and only the best will do. And we’re not only talking about nice pools and the crazy waterslides (yeah, we like going down those things). BH Mallorca will also have a very well respected team of people building the summer line up for 2015, with ex-Pacha Ibiza pro’s Danny Whittle & Mark Netto alongside Gordon Phillips of BCM fame handling the booking of the venue. The line up will be revealed in more detail soon, but the storm warning has been cast to fans of house, techno, urban, bass and hip hop. Aiming to challenge the likes of Ushuaia, the BH Mallorca seems to be taking Mallorca to the next level.

Check out the images below to get an idea of what the place will look like.

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BH Mallorca will feature big name DJ’s twice a week and pool parties during daytime hours. We are looking forward to hearing more information on the line up for the coming summer!

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