Very soon, we’ll be totaling down the last couple of days until Buiten Westen will kick off for its 3rd edition and we have a few more tips on where you should keep close during the festival. So with July 19th around the corner, there is just one more stage that we strongly recommend you to pay close attention to, as its organizers have been roaming Amsterdam’s night life vigorously and found the perfect recipe of sound.


By the name of Next Monday’s Hangover, they show little to no concern to the sung sound around them, as they devote their vision towards “the emotive storytelling vocals and melodies of indie music meets the hypnotizing characteristics of deep electronica”. Their events are wisely themed not only with high caliber artists, but with great names such as Garden of Eden, Midnight Wonderland or F*CK NYE, which became one of their strongest brands. In addition, they organize festivals such as De Zon, Oranjebloesem and Buiten Westen.

robag wruhme

Diverse Sounds

It goes without saying that Next Monday’s Hangover stage at Buiten Westen is not short of a surprise. With the names that are being thrown onto their stage, it’s hard to pin down a headliner from the eight artists present. Their sounds combined; contribute to the daring never-ending story tale that airs eerie, masking all of today’s unnecessary regularities.

Influenced by the early 90’s rave and electro, Apparat’s sound onto the NMH is sure to break boundaries and channel bi-polar emotions as old melds onto new and the sound of electronica will take many shapes and sizes than the ones we are used to today. Apparat’s performance at Buiten Westen will be a DJ set in change of his already famous live performances.

Even though Robag Wruhme is running shy from Berlin and considers it a touristic place, the then 28 year old producer left his youth back at Love Parade back in the 90’s and since then his sound matches the vibe of those free spirited times. And although he is not a Berlin fanatic anymore, his sets are contrary to his beliefs. Expect a deep ongoing reverie as his set will pass through numerous times and eras. On a similar pattern of sound we have Kompakt Records and Hippie Dance very own electronica instigators, Pachanga Boys. They’re acclaimed for their long lasting sets and their miraculously addictive “Time”.

daniel avery buiten westenVisioning and implanting one’s set to be crafted as a pleasant trip; Phantasy’s label artist Daniel Avery pleasantly shocked the world with his latest album “Drone Logic” and this year’s Essential Mix on BBC 1 whereas robotic sound seem like sharpening todays electronic music. As for Ten Walls… there’s almost nothing to be said that hasn’t already been said. With little over 1 year since the pseudonym was born, Ten Walls tracks have been roaming the world back and forth, from Ibiza to Detroit and from Playa del Carmen all the way to Buiten Westen.

Completing the line-up is the electronica and 2/4-loving Lake People, followed by Life & Death’s label manager, an Amsterdam loved one and a master at inducing people onto a trip, Job Jobse will be keeping you in the groove together with Next Monday’s Hangover resident and co-owner Some Chemistry.


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