The summer in Amsterdam will again be sprawling with festivals. A steady name in the season is Buiten Westen, which promises to be another fine get together of thrill seekers, hot artists, festival cuisine and carnivalesque attractions. One of the coolest local acts playing during the approaching Festival next month is Illesnoise.

Illesnoise has been a household name in the Amsterdam scene for a while now and with her dreamy sound and appearance she can easily captivate the crowd in front of her. She is best known for her podcast series where she seamlessly blends summer vibes with melancholic moods and darker, deeper grooves, like you will hear in this mix.

Don’t let the dreamy appearance behind the decks fool you. Because she knows her skill and she’s there to take you traveling trough a whole range of emotions. As Illesnoise has a very versatile taste in music, you’re always in for a surprise. The one thing that always return in her sets and mixes though, are the full and present basslines.

Next to her set at the Pleinvrees stage on Buiten Westen, you can catch Illesnoise playing at more festivals this summer, like Pleinvrees am Strand, Hifi Festival 2014, Lief Festival and Das Letzte Abendmahl (by Percep-Tion).


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