Hailing from Ireland, Hubie Davison synthesizes emotive melodicism with bare grooviness into a refined instrumental palette.

His debut release, ‘I Won’t Be There’ on Leisure System was our first introduction, before he moved further towards the dancefloor with 2014′s ‘Khayyam Grey’ and ‘Sanctified’, (ReGraded).

Hubie is known to incorporate all manner of memorable House and assorted wonkiness in his music and sets, some of which have been felt at the likes of Panorama Bar, Corsica Studios, Longitude Festival, and Gaité lyrique. Now, Hubie Davison joins our ranks with this latest exclusive mix.

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Hubie Davison – Hey U [unreleased]
Ketiov – Rhythm #4 [Running Back]
Hubie Davison – Seppy Fett [unreleased]
Peggy Gou – Han Jan [Ninja Tune]
Syclops – Spin Cycle [Running Back]
Uniile – This Must Be Illegal [Uniile]
Fort Romeau – Pablo [Fort Romeau]
Hubie Davison – Feel [Perfect Motion]
Loods & Mall Grab – Love is Real [Steel City Dance Discs]
Aleksandir – Yamaha [Tessellate]
Hubie Davison – Embers [Perfect Motion]