Musica Automatica founder Kowalsky’s hands-on mentality to electronic music is evident throughout his musical output and DJ sets.

Based in Munich and responsible for providing a platform for breakout acts such as BAAL and Innellea, Kowalsky’s power, versatility, and pathos has separated him from the crowded pack.

From 1 – 4 June, Kowalsky joins the likes of Frankey & SandrinoKonstantin SiboldMattheisNuno Dos Santos, PerelThe Drifter and a slew of artists, as Castello Festival nestles itself into the Polish countryside for its first excursion into the country. Anticipating the event, Kowalsky has put together this stellar mix to get you ready for a weekend of intimacy and music

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Castello Festival-2018-in post

1 – 4 June | Castello Festival 2018 | Tickets | Debrznica, Poland