Despite the name, the saying fur coat and no knickers definitely doesn’t apply to this duo, as they tick all the boxes in terms of self expression and also their ability to provide music that is weighty, influential and also a pleasure to dance to.

Today Venezuela’s techno team, Sergio Muñoz and Israel Sunshine, aka Fur Coat, deliver us with a mixtape in leu of their new EP ‘Numbers‘. An unlikely meeting just by chance is what brought the two together, bonding over their passion and affinity for similar music back in 2004. Over 10 years on, their history has seen them both progress, refine and really articulate a sound that is something to be proud of.

Their younger years saw a deep and luxurious involvement in the house scene as they were head hunted by Crowsstown Rebels founder Damien Lazurus and soon saw releases supported by Hot Creations. Having had their releases cained by other masters in the game, their future and more recent years have allowed them to travel and play in some of the world’s most sought after clubs.

The two have since experienced many sounds across the globe which could be what initiated a change in direction for the two. Today’s mixtape highlights this significantly, reflecting their transition into a darker involvement within techno and raw electronic sounds. The mixtape has a somewhat eerie feel to it whilst also encapsulating those listening with a subtle industrial feel. What really grabs us within the mix is the progression from a vacant sound that fills out as the mix unravels. As the mix hits the peak, their new venture into darker music really escalates expressing more of an obtrusive sound.

Fur Coat’ new EP “Numbers” is NOW AVAILABLE on Crosstown Rebels. BUY

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1-Vessels- Are you trending? (Hunter/Game Remix)
2- Sebastian Voigt- Lux Aeterna
3-Radio Slave- Visions (Rodhad Remix)
4-Dubspeeka- K374
5-Vaal- Wander to Hell (Locked Groove Remix)
6-Architectural- 7.2
7-TVA- Stolen Jacket
8-KYMLE- Morning Lobotomy (Ilario Alicante Remix)
9-Raxon- Sin Control
10-Tensal- Inertia 1
11-Keith Carnal- Shallow
12-Fur Coat- Twenty Six