Cowboys from Paradise, the Marvin & Guy project was born under the shadow of a palm tree while a flamingo listened to tropical music, way back in 2011.

Since then, the duo has released on Internationally known labels including Japan’s Let’s Get Lost, New York’s On The Prowl, as well as Endless Flight, Young Adults, Hivern Discs, and, of course, Life & Death. Boasting support from the likes of John Talabot, Pachanga Boys, Ivan Smagghe, Roman Flügel, DJ Tennis and Jennifer Cardini, Marvin & Guy’s raw, emotive and song-like electronic music is fast becoming a staple of heavyweight sets all over.

Here why with the 320th edition of our mix series, this time featuring Marvin & Guy!

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01. 16 Bit – Where Are You (Mix I)
02. Benedikt Frey – H For Hysteria w. Chris Cox
03. Blue Mondays – Mad At U (Marvin & Guy Breathe Mix)
04. SHMLSS – Train Ride To The Middle East (Marvin & Guy Remix)
05. Miki the Dolphin – Apple
06. Marvin & Guy & a.l.l.o. Unreleased demo version
07. Machinegewehr – The Cordyceps
08. Vermont – Skorbut (I:Cube Mix)
09. Trikk – Kunu
10. Younger Than Me – Warning Code
11. Romina Cohn – The Night
12. Ozone
13. ???