Born with a Jazz soul, Squire is one of the most interesting upcoming spanish and international talents on the scene.

The key of his success have been focus, respect for music tradition and an eye open to the future of electronic music. Keeping his sound into ‘Deep’ atmospheres he has rapidly creates around his name interest and excitement and he’s surely one to be followed.

Despite his young age, he has already released records on emblematic labels such as Get Physical, Rebellion, My Favorite Robot Records, Tenampa, and Parquet Recordings with releases scheduled for Flying Circus Recordings, Do Not Sit On Furniture, and Get Physical sub label Kindisch.

Squire’s ‘Your Body Is Ready, Is Your Mind?’ is out on 3rd November on Smoke N’ Mirrors PRE ORDER

Soundcloud Artist Page


Vadho- modd
Venal- trikk
To my rimbaud
Mandole- trikk
Vector groove- mr joe
Just imagine (part I & II)- Axel Boman
Dangerous ges ft knowkontrol- Squire
The strange silence- john talabot
Gran full moon – squire (unreleased)
David hasert, barnt, job jobse- cologne megamix
Hiding with you ft kieran fowkes- squire