Jonathan Kusuma is a musician, producer and DJ based in Singapore and Jakarta who, next month, will kickstart his European tour starting at Panorama Berlin and ending at Opium Vilnius.

Initially gaining respect for co-founding the label Space.rec, his music is now mainly released under the the influential labels I’m a Clichéand Cocktail d’Amour, as well as on Factor City, Machine Limited, Rotten City, Clouded Vision, Correspondant, Roam Recordings, and La Belle Records.

As a DJ, Kusuma has played internationally in places and parties such as the Cocktail D’Amour parties at Griessmuehle (Berlin), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Oath (Tokyo), Bonobo (Tokyo), Holy Barbarians Gypsy (Kyoto), Power Station New Guernica (Melbourne), Elysium (Kuala Lumpur), Savage (Hanoi), Karma Castle (Bangkok), Time (Manila), Headquarter (Singapore), Guggenheim (Bilbao) and Moog (Barcelona).

Here, ahead of his European tour, Jonathan Kusuma brings the next edition in our exclusive mix series.

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000 Blind Rape – A1 – Long Journey To Liman MSTRD
Lena Platonos – Lego (Lena Willikens Remix)
Abu Dhabi (Los Mekanikos Remix) – Rodion & Local Suicide
Ankor – Kernel Existence
Cabizbajo – I See You (DaWad Remix)
Nocturno (Zombies In Miami Remix) – Concret Feat. Bastard Love
Rework – Attractive
Luv Jam – Nip To Space (Cocktail D’Amore Label)
Prisoners Dilemma – General Ludd
Thomass Jackson – Fantomas
Club De La Locura (Jackie House Remix)
Djs Pareja, Jackie House- Club De La Locura (Jackie House Remix)
Thomas P. Heckmann, Shokh – Welt In Scherben III-2 (Shokh Remix)
Zombies in Miami – Mithril