Frankfurt’s Chinaski has an affection for the warmth of marvelous synth-sounds and a feeling for great beats through his affinity for 80s video-aesthetics and vintage synthesizers.

A Robert Johnson resident, renowned visual artist, live performer, and producer who’s work has appeared on the likes of Uncanny Valley, Common Thread, Omnidisc, Bordello A Parigi, and House Is Ok, Chinaski now preps his 15 July appearance at ELSE Berlin where he takes to the decks for Live at Robert Johnson. On the day, ELSE will also feature the likes of Roman Flügel, Ata, Lauer, INIT (live), Oliver Hafenbauer, Orson Wells, and Benjamin Milz, with this special mix recorded whilst exploring Iceland.

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The mix is presented as a full narrative, containing original material, recorded sounds from nature and the web, bits of film fx, and of a slew of special edits created specifically for the mix. Enjoy the mix and be sure to look out for upcoming work from Chinaski via Correspondant, Riotvan, Permanent Vacation, and Live at Robert Johnson through the end of the year.

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Jimmy Page – Death Wish 2
Martin Cooper – Cityscape
Chinaski – Face 2 Face
SFX – Unreleased – DeepHouseAmsterdamVersion
The Beach Boys – Cool, Cool Water
Brian Wilson Speech
Firestarter Soundtrack
Absurd Movie Speech
Rick Ulkig – Fred Runs
Alan Hawkshaw – Strangelands
Absurd Movie Speech
Trashs Theme
Curses & Perel – Gold & Silber Chinaskis Painkiller Remix – DeepHouseAmsterdamDub
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Plastic Bamboo
Unknown Horror Synth FX
Gang Of Four – What We All Want
Jimmy Page Death Wish 2 Synth
Shokh – Vanditerion (Beatless Version)
SFX – Unfinished Song – DeepHouseAmsterdamVersion
Mario Bava Drums
Rusty Egan – The Other Side
Absurd Movie Speech Reverse
SFX – City – DeepHouseAmsterdamVersion
Sounds from Pleasant Beach of Iceland
Gianni Rossi – Real Tuff with MEGA SEX