“I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe l was sent here to make people smile and dance. I like the idea of that”

1982 (MCMLXXXII) was a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar. It was the year the Commodore 64 was launched, becoming the all-time best-selling personal computer. Dexys Midnight Runners scored a massive hit with ‘Come On Eileen’, Italy won the world cup and last but not least, Daley Padley was born in a Yorkshire town. Allegedly hot since birth, it took him over twenty years to get his breakthrough in dance music and another five years to develop himself to become the DJ/Producer that took the scene not by storm, but by a level five hurricane. Because as soon as caterpillar Padley turned into the butterfly Hot Since 82, his career took off big time and so far it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but upwards.

Succesful releases on Get Physical, Noir and Suara, a full length album on Moda Black and gigs at Ushuaïa, Warung, Watergate, Sankeys and numerous festivals have earned him a spot at the higher ranks of the infamous Resident Advisor Top 100, and we seriously expect him to penetrate the top 10. Besides that, this year his very own record label Knee Deep In Music was founded. We talk to him about all this and more on the eve of his appearance at the Verknipt ADE special on October 16 in Westerunie, where he’ll have a label showcase next to Suara, Rejected and Food Music.

You started your DJ career in Barnsley and Leeds. Can you describe what the dance scene over there was like back then?
Yes that’s right, l’m originally from Barnsley, a small town in Yorkshire. I began throwing my own parties in a small bar so l could spin the records l was buying each week. Before l even knew it, the party was rammed each and every week and the news spread across the cities fast. This gave me the chance to spin in Leeds. For those that don’t know much about Leeds: some say it’s the UK capital in underground clubbing. This base really gave me the inspiration to progress into music production etc.

Has it changed a lot over the years?
You know what, Leeds has always stayed the same. It’s my fave city in the whole world and not just for the music. The people are what make Leeds that special place that it is. Good people, good food, and good music. What more could you ask for?

You used to play very long sets, some of them over ten hours. Do you see yourself doing this again in the (near) future?
Oh l miss those days. For any DJ that really treasures their sets, playing long long sets like this is just a joy. I think l really earned my badge during these years. I used to play at least 10 hour sets every single Sunday for 5 years. It’s funny because l look back at these times as the best. There was something so natural about it all, when l play now there is more pressure to deliver when back then l could just keep spinning and experimenting with all sounds of the house and techno spectrum.

In 2011 you changed your DJ name from your actual name Daley Padley to Hot Since 82. Why?
I just had a few years out, l guess, to discover myself and enjoy myself. I was still clubbing heavily and still collecting music. It’s one thing that l will never stop doing. It’s the most important passion in my world.

I had a new sound and a new record and HS82 was born. I can’t stress enough how natural this change and progression has been. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe l was sent here to make people smile and dance. I like the idea of that.

If you could travel back in time to 1982, what would you do?
This would be a dream. My decade is the 80’s. I would like to be in California watching movies, collecting Star Wars toys and being an all out 80’s geek.

According to Wikipedia, the source of every credible truth, you are a self-avowed romantic. You got us very curious there, could you please give us some real life examples?
Hahaha, l saw this too. This makes me laugh. I’m partial to a rom-com, of course we all are. As far as stories go, that’s my personal life and a real man doesn’t tell.

hot since 82
Your remix of Green Velvet’s ‘Bigger Than Prince’ hit number one on Beatport. Did you realize the potential of that track when you were working on it?

When Yousef sent me 10 tracks to choose to remix it was only “Bigger than Prince” that stood out.
Being a huge Green Velvet and Cajmere fan for so long, something just felt right. Who would have thought that it would capture a nation of ravers? Such a record.

You’ve released tracks on some of the biggest labels in the scene, but which small imprints do you see as interesting and/or upcoming?
Of course there are a few labels that l’ve always loved for underground music: 8bit, Mobilee, Liebe detail. I would love to work alongside these amazing record labels but for now l have to concentrate on my own brand which is Knee Deep In Sound.

About making a full length album, which you did last year with ‘Little Black Book’, you said “organization is key”. What do you mean by that exactly?
In my life there is very little room for slacking. I mean l am always on the road, always touring, so preparation and organization is the key. You have to be so on the ball with projects like this. If not, you’re gonna get behind which becomes super stressful. We have such an amazing team in the office working hard on projects like Little Black Book, so for you not to be organized pulls all the players in the team down.

Knee Deep In Sound was founded this year and has 3 releases so far. What are your plans for the label?
KDIS is going from strength to strength. I really do think that we have already found our sound which makes me happy, It’s always super important for a label to have their sound.

The next release is by a new guy l discovered from Switzerland named “Several Definitions”. After that we have our super project, it’s our first compilation and will feature 3 brand new exclusives by myself as well as a bunch of other exclusive and amazing new tracks and artists.

A party animal is what you call yourself. Which of the past holiday seasons will you never forget?
They’re all as insane as the others you know. I’ve actually calmed down so much this year. The previous two were pretty hardcore. I couldn’t have carried on like that.

On your website we can find a video about a mysterious party called ‘Taken’. Can you tell a bit more about this event?
Taken is my brand new clubbing experience. Together with my manager James, I wanted to create something different for the ravers. We wanted to take something back to the good old days when party people wouldn’t know where the illegal rave was until that same day and that’s something we’ve taken inspiration from. The first Taken in London was amazing. Since then we have managed to bring Taken to some very very interesting places. You can check out the site for more info if you’re interested.

During ADE you will play at a party called Verknipt, a Dutch word for mental. Do you have a weird side and if so, what’s the craziest you’ve ever done?
Are you asking me whether l’m weird??  OF COURSE l’m weird, l collect Star Wars toys for Christ sake .

Is ADE just another occasion to DJ to you, or do you attend some other (side) events as well?
ADE is always great to go to. I’m a huge fan of the Dutch scene and have some very special friends here now as a result of playing here.

I see ADE as a great way to play a super cool party, catch up with friends and l guess let my hair down. I can’t wait to be honest.

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