Despite Berlin’s ambiguous allure of house and techno, Germany embraces a more transcendent side of electronic music where lower bpm’s and emotions texture its own music persona. Numerous labels and artists portray the everlasting sounds and among those lines, Diynamic has crafted its own autograph on todays dance music. H.O.S.H., real name Holger Behn, is one of Hamburg’s key dance music personas and is considered the showpiece of the label he’s representing.

Throughout the years, H.O.S.H. conveyed the city of Hamburg into his own musical playground, a place where he magnets his inspiration by giving house music some flavour to the mix. His minimalistic regard of eclectic strings saw the bright of day onto other labels as well such as Tsuba, Poker Flat Recordings, Stil vor Talent. Along with his lifelong friend, Jörg Hill, with whom he started Grunanlage Open Air Festival, he now turns towards an indoor location as he takes over Solomun & Magdalena’s EGO Club. This is one of the reasons why we wanted to catch up with H.O.S.H., next to his crazy summer and ADE.

“My first big official gig was at Fusion Festival in Germany. I opened the mainstage just by sending in a tape at that time and they booked me. It was overwhelming.”

Hey there! How has summer treated you? What were the best experiences?
This summer was amazing for me, it kicked off with BPM Festival in Mexico. We had some really laid back parties there, great vibes and of course Mexico in January is perfect to escape the cold winter temperatures.

Then besides my regular clubs and festivals I played we had our Diynamic Outdoor residency in Ibiza. Open air parties at Destino and Cova Santa, with the whole Diynamic family. That was really cool.

But the best thing for me were my “Forever Young” Boat Parties. In 2013 I celebrated my birthday on a boat first time and I thought this year I have to do it again! 5 cruises, each with a good DJ friend of mine. That was definitely a dream come true.

Tell us some more about “Forever Young”. How did it originate?
Like I said, the idea originated in 2013. I love boat parties, because it is the same crowd over the whole event and this makes it very intimate. As DJ and as guest you can connect really well to the rest of the people. At one point everybody on the boat is dancing.

After spending so much time in the sun, how does returning to the murky clubs influence your state as a DJ?
Well, you know I love open air parties, but I am also a big club fan. The two are very different, but they are both part of the same culture. This year it´s very special as I open a new club with my long term partner Joerg in Hamburg. It´s gonna be called the “Villa Nova”

h.o.s.h. 1

In a previous interview you mentioned how your girlfriend pushed you towards becoming a DJ. How did your first official gig go?
Ex-Girlfriend, that’s right. My first big official gig was at Fusion Festival in Germany. I opened the mainstage just by sending in a tape at that time and they booked me. I was super nervous but it was overwhelming, lots of impressions stuck in my mind from that. If you don’t know Fusion Festival, it is a very visual festival. Lots of attention to detail, you find new and interesting things wherever you look. Fusion has an amazing crowd.

Has your understanding of electronic music changed over the years?
Just as an artist is changing, so is his art, in this case music. With that comes your perception of music. It is all a process of constant evolution. Of course you have your handicraft down, but every time you start producing you sort of feel like a little child, doing something for the first time. I just wish I would have more time for it.

As a producer, your sound is particular in many ways. Is this something you relate to on a personal level?
Well, I always try to put all my emotions into my productions. This for me is part of creating and a sign of passion. You couldn’t do without. But, I do try to keep the dance floor in mind when I produce.

This year you will become a club manager when your very own Villa Nova will open in Hamburg. Is managing a club one of your lifelong dreams?
Very much. It is a very fulfilling feeling to start an own club, after being outdoors with our open air events for over 10 years. I feel responsible for Hamburg’s scene as I earned so much of it. Also I have a vision how a club should be for Hamburg.

What will set Villa Nova apart from Solomun’s Ego Club?
The style of Villa Nova will be completely different from Ego. We have been working on the inside arrangement and looks for months now, changed everything around, gave it a new flair and changed the sound concept. But of course, what will stay the same is the quality booking with the best underground electronic music acts there are today.

h.o.s.h. 2
Is there a particular goal that you want Villa Nova to have on Hamburg’s house music scene?

Just as with the Click and then the EGO, Villa Nova’s goal is to keep the standards high in our hometown. We will continue the tradition of playing great electronic music and providing a cool and cozy place for the people who enjoy this sound so much.

Which are the first acts that will inaugurate the Club?
To name a few: Steve Bug, Anja Schneider, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nick Curly, Lee Curtiss, Robert James and myself of course.

This year at ADE, the Diynamic Showcase will take place at a new venue hosted by Loveland. What kind of musical treats have you guys lined up for us? Any new tracks we’ll be hearing there?
Well, everyone at Diynamic always prepares some goodie goodies for ADE.. Come and find out haha.

It seems to me that Diynamic is one big happy family. Is there a secret to this recipe?
I think the most important thing at Diynamic is that we are in constant intercommunication with each other. Diynamic artists are not only talented musicians, their personalities also harmonize very well with each other. And that has always been an essential condition for all of us.

These days, DJ’s are more than ear pleasers. They put on a show with art, cake, etc. On this note, how do you think the dance music industry will develop in 5 years time?
I don’t know. For me it is just great to be part of an ever-evolving scene. I think evolution is a good and necessary thing. If we would be standing still, there would just be more of the same, and that is not why I have gotten into this. Also, I actually prefer to eat cake rather than throwing it.

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