You have a lot of studio work coming up actually. Something we should look out for in particular?

Oh yes. Recently I finished a record, I finished three tracks that are coming on one of my currently favorite labels Running back, Gerd Janson’s label. In January I’m putting out a very special record on Pets Recordings. Its only one single, one original track, one remix and on the B side of the vinyl I actually put a lot of samples, sounds, loops which one can use if you are more of an adventurous kind of DJ. You can use this in your DJ set or as a part of live sets. It’s more of a specific record – there is music but you can also use it as a tool.

What is the most important lesson that you have learned as a musician?

That’s a good question. It was not only one, but first thing that comes to my mind is to be open minded, and to be able to go out of your comfort zone. I think that’s a lesson I keep learning all the time. In the beginning I was kind of a conservative person, not music wise but I wanted to stick to the same tools of production and the same tools of performance and a couple of times the live thing gave me a chance to try new things. I was resisting in the beginning, but every time I took a risk and I went out of my comfort zone it paid back a lot. I think that’s maybe the main lesson.

And what is the biggest risk that you have taken?

To make a live show. It’s something I didn’t want to make. I really hated the idea, I’m coming from a DJ background. I’m still not that much of a fan of electronic music live shows and I prefer to listen to DJs. I really adore DJ culture, I adore vinyl and most of my life I’ve been listening to electronic music, so I don’t really listen to bands. I love jazz music and I love classical music, but in the modern situation I’m not so much into typical musicians. I don’t like the idea of a modern band, and I didn’t like the idea of becoming a live artist. I just had the option to do it. That was my only option to travel internationally and I didn’t want to do it, but I took a risk. I went against myself and I found a way to enjoy it. First, for about a year, I was not so happy but then I changed my mind. I like this platform more and more and I proved myself I was wrong.

These are the best times, aren’t they?

Yes, yes exactly. This is definitely the risk that paid off the most in my career so far.

Since you have started as a live act you have given yourself the freedom to create this environment that is open and welcoming and encouraging to make music, to express yourself. How did that affect you personally and creatively?

It definitely influenced me a lot because before I started playing live my process of creating music was very static. Sitting in front of the computer and clicking with the mouse, it was a very boring process. I always love to be in the studio but now I get a lot of influence from playing live. Sometimes I even start a new idea on the stage, I record the melody on stage, I come back in the studio and make a track out of it. It’s even more fun now. I think also since I started playing live it brought more enjoyment in studio work too. I realized how important it is, that fun factor in making music. I make music to transfer positive energy to the people and if I have positive energy myself when making the music, then the message is even stronger. That improved with the live act, and changed in my production too.

Coming to the inevitable question – Rachel Row, partner in life. How does it feel working together? How much does she inspire you?

I don’t know if I’d be able to make it to such a high point if it wasn’t for her. We are partners in life for fourteen years now, we know each other, we are a family. Officially not yet, but for so many years we’ve become so close. She definitely stands by my success and now it’s her turn. I hope that I can help her out to break through. She is a very talented songwriter and singer and I think she has a good chance to do something on an international level. Hopefully next year will be her year.

Taking over the world together.

Yes, that’s the plan.

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