I understood that you had quite a long background as a DJ before your first productions came out. How was the change from DJing to also producing?
This was quite a fluent change. I was also “producing” in my early stages of DJing but nothing honest really came out. It was just playing around and trying to figure out how these programs actually work. In the beginning it was a bit disappointing because I never had the results I wanted to have. But the most important thing was, that I was having lots of fun playing around in the DAW. And this kept me going until I managed more and more to get the results I wanted. It took about 2 years until I had my first tracks that I thought could leave a bit of an impression in the scene. But still I was not super happy. For me the whole producing thing was a bit like a young child who learns the things in life by making mistakes. The more mistakes you make the better you get. I think one of the most important moments of any producer is to play your own tracks for the first time and see the direct result on the dancefloor. When I do this I always have this little cinema in my head, where I started the track from the scratch in front of my PC until I can now see people moving their bodies to it.

You’re soon releasing your new album House Lessons. The format seems to be a blend between the traditional album and a mixtape. What got you into taking upon such a big project? How would you describe the format?
So basically House lessons is compilation/mixtape which includes only exclusive, unreleased tracks of mine and remixes from and for friends. House Lessons refers to my first key release with the same name which brought me to the next level of my musical journey. I wouldn’t say its an album in the traditional sense. I would also say that in my stage as an artist I personally think an album is too early. An album always has to tell a musical history and my musical past is not grown up enough to create this history. But this is my personal opinion on this. House Lessons will be released on CD as a mixtape + you can also buy the single tracks on Beatport, iTunes or other digital stores, so DJs can also play the tracks.

Most of the songs on House Lessons are originals by yourself, but there are also some remixes. Was it hard to pick out the right material and remixes?
Yes definitely. Especially to create a mixtape with only your own tracks is something I would normally never do. So the mixtape is also a representation of my actual sound and some works I did in the past. Artist who also appear on the mixtape will be: Santé, Pan-Pot, Hot Since 82, Patrick Topping & Luna City Express.

You will be performing at the Wonderland festival on the 14th of February. You also played the festival last year. How does it feel coming back to the festival this year? What should we be looking out for this year in terms of your performance?
Last year at wonderland festival was massive… I can still remember everything, which is a good sign already. So I’m really happy to be back to play there. I got lots of new productions which I will definitely play.

What are your thoughts about 2015? Do you have any acts that you’ll be keeping an eye out for this year? Any predictions?
I’m really looking forward to the summer and the festival season as well as play in Ibiza again. I think the magical island gets more and more back into its underground character, which it lost a bit over the years.

There are so many good artists out there but I can name a few I personally play: John Dimas, Tuccillo, Cera Alba, and Kalyde.

Thanks for the interview, looking forward to seeing you on the 14th of February!
Same! 🙂

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