After starting up your label ARAS, you moved to London a while after. What were you hoping to find in London exactly? And what have you found? Has it influenced you as a DJ and artist?
See, I have been in Berlin for 19 years but always have been traveling through Europe. As a musician, home is kind of everywhere. There are many inspiring cities in the world and to be honest my heart will always belong to Berlin. Nightlife is damn freaky over there; clubs are open the whole weekend. But lately I feel great in London too. I found so many nice people and fellow music lovers. I am just having a very good time here. You can already listen to how these adventures have influenced me on ‘Alcatraz’.

Talking about local scenes, do you think these still are important in the era of internet? (Likeminded individuals tend to find each other easier on the internet)
Your own local scene is very essential. I think the internet is an important cyber world outside of your local scene. It’s nice to share information and social content, but social interaction in real life can never be replaced by the internet.

What is the future plan for Aras?
Many! I got some nice remixes of ‘Alcatraz’ in mind. A new single is following soon as well.

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What music (or art, film anything!) inspires you, (in productions) next to electronic music genres?
As you are saying: inspiration comes to you by music, by a film or whatever. I like music telling a story that you have to discover by your own, such as Massive Attack, different kinds of ambient music but also some things very different to that: like Nina Simone, Roxy Music, Dub rhythms, man the list is endless.

I am deeply in love with movies like Four Rooms, Night on Earth and classic mafia films.

You’ve been involved in music for quite some time. Seeing European techno slowly build to where it is now. How has that changed your perspective on the techno scene?
That’s true I’ve been involved for about 20 years. A lot of things have changed, but that’s the natural way with music. In the early 90’s we had only a few DJs can you imagine? No internet and only vinyl. My perspective has changed by countless experiences but after many of years, many of parties, many of raves, the focus is still the same: to give you an unforgettable night and make you dance like that moment would last forever.

Have you ever imagined doing something else than music?
No way, music is my life.

What differs an André Galluzzi festival set from a club set?
I’m used to playing extensive, when I play festivals I don’t have so much time, so my sets are a lot more direct, or more peaktime as you will. If I play a nice clubset, I always slowly build up the night, the spirit and the crowd.

Thanks for the nice interview, see you soon on stage!

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