Fat Kids Cake, the Amsterdam-based online lifestyle magazine, is organizing a killer event in the MC Theater this Saturday. ‘Draw The Line’ will spur some highly established names in UK House and UK Bass (with a small touch of Garage as well), continuing the organization’s reputation of being the prime promotor of the UK sound in Amsterdam.

Even though Fat Kids Cake is still relatively new to the scene, they have made quite a name for themselves in the last year by hosting a series of exquisite parties together with their lifestyle blog that has gained a respectable following, in and outside of Amsterdam. The online magazine keeps its readers up to date on the hottest music, fashion, photography and involves itself in local brand activation.

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Their previous event ‘Connecting Dots’ has set the tone for their efforts in bringing the UK House sound to Amsterdam, and being pretty successful in doing so. The sold-out event was a blast, sporting UK heroes DJ EZ and Hannah Wants on the line-up together with our very own Cinnaman, leaving the visitors wanting more of the vibe and the music of that night. With their follow-up event ‘Draw The Line’, Fat Kids Cake wants to firmly settle their name as the prime UK sound advocate in our city, again bringing some smoking hot artists over from the UK, while also giving attention to local upcoming talent.

First up is No Artificial Colours, aka Ryan Ellis and Lewis Wright, two friends hailing from South East London who have a sweet tooth for that high-energy fueled house sound. Making an appearance as well is My Nu Leng, the Bristol duo that traverses the whole spectrum between pitch shifted vocals and bass heavy rumbles, but always keeping their sound deep and on point with the vibe. Also hailing from Bristol and another fine addition to the line up is Kry Wolf, one of UK’s biggest underground players due to their distinctively creative and varied production style and consistently strong releases. Last but not least, the lovely Sian Bennett from Liverpool will once again cross the pond to show the Dutch crowd how it’s done.

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We’re sure that the people at Fat Kids Cake are going to make a happening of it like last time, in the trusted environment of the MC Theater, the perfect place for any event that wants that underground twist to the evening. You can be sure to see us jackin’ center stage. How about you?

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