As music festivals continue to grow in popularity the new trend has become destination festivals. It perfectly combines a love of travel with a love of music and festival culture. Although it may seem another new festival pops up every week, one festival on a tiny peninsula on the west coast of Mexico caught our eye: Genius Loci. This intimate surf, yoga, and music festival sits right alongside the beach allowing festival goers to wake up to the sound of waves. It serves as an off the grid camping festival and serves those who long to explore and travel; but, also love the transcendent vibe of conscious festivals.

The festival, now in its fifth year, is rooted in that same sense of community to be expected from the West Coast festival scene. It seeks to unite those from the surf, yoga, and music communities of Baja Norte and Socal. Henry Pope and Eduardo Manilla (Loboman), Genius Loci founders, seek to bring people together to experience the simple pleasures of life — with a side of amazing house music. Headliners include Marquees Wyatt, one of our favorite Southern California DJs, and Lee Foss, co-head of Hot Creations whose first full album “Alchemy” dropped early this spring.

The intimacy of the festival allows attendees to truly connect with each other. I’ve learned first hand at boutique festivals like Desert Hearts and Further Future that seeing the same faces on the dance floor increases a sense of community and intimacy. These tight knit boutique festival communities are growing in popularity. Festivals like Genius Loci encourage attendees to become a part of something. It is about more than just experiencing something for a quick weekend; but, to challenge yourself outside your comfort zone and grow. I have found that the more I attend such festivals the more I bring back into the “real world” with me. I am learning through this to connect deeper everyday. This is the festival daydreams are made of: morning yoga, afternoon surf, and sunset margaritas grooving to house music on a beach. It serves your soul, your sense of adventure, and fun. We’ve certainly added this one to the bucket list and can’t wait to see how it unfolds this year. The festival takes place next weekend, June 22-26th, in Punta Cabras, Mexico. There are still tickets available for the spontaneous ones at the link here.

Genius Loci-FEST-2017-lineup

22-26 June | Genius Loci FEST | Tickets | Baja, Mexico

Featured Image: Jason Abrahamson/Aperture Love