From the same developer of DontSample.Me, the website that neatly summarized the artists who you’d rather not sample any music from in your productions, now comes another handy new app named FollowGate. What it does is let artists build their fanbase organically by trading a download of their mix or track for a follow on their SoundCloud page. 

How does it work? Just visit the FollowGate website, where you can create your download website by entering the URL of the track/mix you are offering, the download-link from any kind of download hosting website like Zippshare or Dropbox and then enter the link to your SoundCloud profile, so that once the link to your ‘download page’ is live, each download will automatically lead to a new follower. From here you can basically post the download-link on every social channel imaginable to let yourself and your music be heard.