From Chopstick & Johnjon’s LP ‘Twelve’ comes a new single, ‘Run Slowly’. Next to a strong original cut, the remix work on this one aren’t without merit either. Next to Few Nolder and Quarion, Andre Lodemann also had the honours of reworking the title track. Listen to the full premiere of Lodemann’s work right here.

Suol label bosses Chopstick & Johnjon return with the second single from their recent LP “Twelve”. The album’s opener, “Run Slowly” is an intensely soulful track which bridges the gap between electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Densely layered guitar and string harmonics dovetail alongside Chris James’ mournful vocals to create a rich emotional listening experience, but without sacrificing dancefloor potential.

A DJ for over 18 years, you could call Andre Lodemann a pro in what he does. He started to produce music in 2001 releasing 12″ and remixes on Moods n Grooves, Simple Records, G-Stone, Room with a View, Freerange, Buzzinfly and other imprints. 2009 he founded his own label Best Works Records together with an old college friend Daniel Best, a well known music-promoter and impresario from Berlin. Here he released records like ‘Searchin’ and ‘You Never Know’.

Lodermann’s less-is-more interpretation of ‘Run Slowly’ retains the melodic elements of Chopstick & Johnjon but injects it with space by weaving it out across nine minutes into a carefully controlled crescendo of muted harmonies.

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