Ellen Allien is known for being a creative all-rounder. Being a DJ, musician, label manager and t-shirt designer Ellen Allien has carved out her own space, creating a unique universe.

She is a resident at DC10, Ibiza, Nitsa, Barcelona and Robert Johnson, Offenbach as well as at major festivals such as Melt, Germany and Name, France and tours worldwide with BPitch Control events. Ellen enjoys to share her enthusiasm with others, mostly through her creative base and label BPitch Control, her fellow musicians and of course to her audience. She has her opinion ready and knows what she stands for. Read her interview with us to get to know more about her history and thoughts.

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Without Ellen, Berlin’s vibrant club landscape wouldn’t be the same. Her new EP ‘High’ is the first material since 2014’s ‘Freak EP’. ‘High‘ is a 11-minute trip dedicated to the dancing crowd. Everything about this track is subtle and hypnotic, from the pushing bass to the powerful ascending soundscapes to the lead vocal line.

“High EP” is available 29 June digitally and 13 July on Vinyl via BPitch Control

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