One of Culprit’s core artists, jozif, known for a veritable musical outpouring, is bound to deliver five delicious new originals. Too rich with originality and some of jozif’s best ideas to be contained within one collection, “Waikiki” will be released in two parts, accompanied by exciting reworks coming from some of the label’s favourite artists. Check out the full premiere of one the cuts hottest features, ‘Under The Thumb’.

Part 1 shows jozif’s unwavering dedication to genre­-defying, timeless dance music. Analogue disco meets old school r’n’b and funk, framed by a modern deep house feel, all delivered with jozif’s typical poise and a sense of musical adventure. Never the one to hem himself by expectation of others, jozif continues unabated on his unique path. “Waikiki” accomplishes real depth with lightness of touch, yet again rewarding Culprit’s faith in the artist with some of the best music in the label’s cannon.

Remixes on “Waikiki” Part 1 arrive courtesy of Matt Tolfrey and No Regular Play. Tolfrey is another Culprit mainstay, with the working relationship spanning almost the entirety of label’s existence. His take on “Good Man” is warm yet trippy, its deadly groove led by a terrific bassline. Brooklyn’s No Regular Play (mix) are long time friends of Culprit, with Greg Paulus (one half of the duo) having featured on a pair of remixes by Thugfucker and Signal Flow recently. This is the Wolf + Lamb family members’ first proper work for Culprit and it’s assured electronic funk is a very welcome addition to the release.

Waikiki EP will be released on October 1st.

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