Steyoyoke Black continues to make its presence known and with the wind of success in their sails they charge full steam ahead with their second release. The ‘Tranquila’ EP by Pete Oak features one original and one remix, with Dahu stepping forth for remix duties. ‘Tranquila’ is an EP that brings together not one, but two princes of darkness who perfectly reflect the sinister sounds now bound to Steyoyoke Black.

‘Tranquilla’ is an ode to Pete Oak’s production skills and is indeed something to be admired. The rhythm is sharp, intense and demanding, with a heavy dose of percussion to help accentuate a strong sense of mystique and power. The bassline rolls and lolls, sucking into a hole of techno driven darkness.

Dahu’s remix can best be described as liquid gold to the ears. He chooses to expose ‘Tranquila’s underlying attitude and majestic beauty, which makes you want to close your eyes at times to fully absorb its melodic groove. Strings, high hats and layered synths overlap a cascade of chord progressions, that gradually push you to a point of no return.

Tranquila EP is out on October 6th on Steyoyoke Black.

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