Soulfooled #11 release sees Skyboy and Andrea Di Rocco joining forces to bring you ‘A Space Walk With Ennio’. With Skyboy’s previous releases on labels such as Clap Your Hands, and Andrea on Alex Niggemann’s AEON imprint, the two Italian producers have garnered a respected reputation over the last few years. You can check out the full remix by Christian Prommer right here.

Featuring vocals from Frank, the release consists of a well-crafted composition of tracks. The title-track original confronts the listener with a sprawling melody while haunting vocals linger right behind. Melancholic keys and percussion set the pace throughout this cut

Producer and composer Christian Prommer has the remix credentials among other artists. His version of the title track carries the original deep into techno territory – a 2/2 beat and melancholic pads that scramble past each other to the track’s surface as synths and strings take over.

Soulfooled label boss and prolific producer Alex Niggemann provides the remix on the B side. Niggemann’s dedication to his label and its ethos are clear here as he gives his all to make this track into something truly unique. The fifth track is a Beatport Exclusive. ‘No Whistle’ Mix of the original .

A Space Walk With Ennio‘ is available on the 25th of August on Soulfooled.

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