If you hear a track by Stephan Bodzin you will immediately recognise his signature sound. The melodies, Moog bass and the buzzing hats are all telltale signs of a Bodzin production. 

Stephan Bodzin has been one of the most influential German Techno producers in the past few years. The son of an experimental musician composed music for several prestigious European theatres before turning to electronic music. Even though he started producing early, he only started putting his own name on productions in 2005, resulting in instant fame.

When he started, Bodzin worked on collaborations with Oliver HuntemannThomas Schumacher and Marc Romboy. After being a production only kind of guy first, he later turned into a touring DJ and live act.

But now Stephan Bodzin is back with his first LP since 2007. The ‘Powers of Ten‘ will be released in June on his own Herzblut imprint and it contains a deeply personal sound. The artist says the LP is “an homage to Bob Moog, full Techno beats and sounds and space and party and ecstasy and dancing and listening and crying and feeling”.

After the first track of the album, ‘Singularity‘ already made it into our Top 10 Releases In May, we are now lucky enough to premier ‘Zulu’ for you. The ghostly grooves of this track with the typical Bodzin sound, crisp claps and synth is made for peak moments in clubs and on summer festival stages.

‘Powers of Ten’ will be released June 12 on Herzblut Recordings

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