As May has come and gone, it’s once again time to highlight the 10 release of the month that peaked our interest.

Below you will find our top 10 tracks and EPs that we couldn’t get enough of, featuring great releases or remixes by Ten Walls, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Henrik Schwarz, Stephan Bodzin and many more.

#10 Kyrill & Redford – Say EP | Light My Fire | Out Now

After last summer’s ‘Everybody’ EP, the Zurich duo Kyrill & Redford are back on LMF with an absolute stormer, the ‘Say’ EP. ‘Colourless Water’ kicks things off in style with a mesmerizing electro-synth lead, which is reminiscent of Villalobos’ classic track ‘Bosch’. A sampled scientific dialogue on psychoactive drugs, moreover, dominates an epic break. Next up, ‘Say’ is more restrained, as a psychedelic synth motif unfolds on top a moody arrangement. Lastly, Becker’s bends and reshapes the original’s melodic components to great effect on his tripping remix. 

Kyrill & Redford – Colourless Water

#09 Seekae – The Worry (Remixes EP) | Future Classic | Out Now

Australia’s premiere experimental three-piece return with their third album.

Seekae – The Worry (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

#08 Lauer – Borndom LP | Permanent Vacation | Out Now

It might be commonplace, but it holds some self-evident truth for the return of Lauer (also part of the mighty Tuff City Kids) – to the album format that is. Three years after his debut “Phillips” on Running Back, the melody man from the outback of Frankfurt am Main presents Borndom: a thirteen track trip through a universe that is specifically his. Far from being a stranger to Permanent Vacation with singles like Delta NRG or Donnerlake being heralds of the things to come, it provides a home to their spiritual kinship and ethos.

Lauer – Mausback

#07 Stephan Bodzin – Singularity EP | Life and Death | Out Now

With a melody that comes on like a half-remembered memory and lingers long after the sound itself fades away, Singularity stays with you, slowly and carefully weaving its way around you while its drums beat a steady, forceful pulse and its percussion jumps in and out like Billy Pilgrim skipping thru time. The combined effect is something much more than the sum of its parts. Somehow this simple techno tune creates an entire world of its own and asks you to inhabit it for a while, losing yourself in the process.

Stephan Bodzin – Singularity

#06 Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Sorry I’m Late EP | Diynamic | Out Now

‘Sorry I’m Late’ is a fierce, peak time track with a dramatic sense of narrative and a killer bassline. Vocals add fuel to the fire but this one is all about the bass, which is guaranteed to become a massive anthem in the weeks ahead.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Sorry I’m Late (Original Mix)