Today’s exclusive premiere comes from a new and mysterious artist; or should we say artistS? It’s hard to tell for sure, but one thing is certain, you should pay head to the name Viktor Talking Machine, as the music speaks for itself. 

As mentioned, little is known about the elusive artist, except that their name Viktor Talking Machine draws inspiration from the people behind very first gramophone record players. Another certainty is you will surely be hearing this name again. The music is just THAT good.

Some say Viktor Talking Machine is a German electronic duo, others say (t)he(y) was born in a magical and sleepy coastal village, or even the Tibetan Highlands, devouring all the sounds of nature, distilling  the deep sound which accompanies him until today.

This shadowy yet talented force is now dropping a debut release, ‘Abby’ EP on Super Flu’s Monaberry label, which has already received early support from artists likes of Kölsch and Hot Since 82. The strict mantra for Viktor Talking Machine is ‘digital is death’, so the expressive and deep sound shines through a selection of analogue instruments.

‘Abby’ sets the tone for the release in minimal fashion before gentle, crisp percussions bring in tempo and rhythm. The snapping hi hats and pulsating bass give the track even more drive and takes it to proper dance floor anthem status.

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