What are your aspirations for the Future?
I would like to take house music to a different place. I believe it deserves the mainstream appeal for the underground house… that’s why I’m approaching more in the song writing field, collaborations, singers and song writer, because I believe in it so much, I believe it could get a point where we would get a house music song with Farrell, you know…and then compete on that level with every other pop artist.

Will it be some kind of goal for you? To make a song with Pharell?
Of course!

Are you ready for Circoloco in Ibiza In 2 days?
I’m ready man! I love that place, this is a big one, specially the closing, the opening and the closing are always the biggest. The line up is crazy, they told me to play with Jackmaster, I’m looking forward to it!

If I tell you the new Deep House is going to be soulful. Does it mean anything to you?
It means I win! (laughs)

Yep! There is more emotions, more music, more meanings, you know. I’ve seen in it Ibiza, where a lot of things break at the start… if you go to Solomun’s night, it’s amazing! So it’s gonna be a great place be when that happens man!

What can we expect from Black Coffee’s 2 hour set tonight?
Actually I have no idea, I’ve been sitting here, kind of panicking… firstly because I’m closing, secondly because I’m playing a 2h set in a big festival and the music as you can hear is a bit hard right now… I’ll see where my departure point comes from, once I get that right then everything will come together.

Is there anything that you would like to add for your fans?
It’s all love man, I appreciate all the love, I’ve been making the songs and I’ve been travelling all over the world…I’m getting nothing but love so I’m sending that love back, yea…

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