Manchester United midfielder Ashley Young has revealed to the world how he has converted manager Louis van Gaal into one of house music’s biggest fans.

Furthermore, it has been learned that Van Gaal now insists on “funky” house being the go-to pre-match playlist option. “The manager came to me in pre-season when I put something on, and he was like ‘I don’t like this’,” said Young. “He said ‘I need it to be more for everyone in the dressing room’, so I started putting on some house music”.

Young, who took over music duties at the end of Patrice Evra‘s playing (and musical) tenure, now proclaims how, “I’ve been told…I can only play funky house or house music”. “Seriously that’s what he likes. That’s what’s on the playlist,” Young reiterates.

With Young’s playlist winning over the locker room, it seems like it has also found the winning formula on the pitch, with United slowly turning things around.  “When Tyler Blackett took over, we lost a couple of games. I was injured, so someone obviously had to do the music. Tyler took over and we started losing. But I’m back, I put my playlist in and we’re winning,” Young said.

In case you doubt the honesty behind Van Gaal’s passion for house, check out the below video of the Dutch legend seriously getting down at the Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade. And, in case you’re wondering which of the Red Devils has the most questionable taste in music, Young has an answer for that too: “David [De Gea] tends to put stuff on at the training ground and some of his choices I just don’t understand,” said Young. “To be honest, it’s not for me, basically. He likes it, he understands it, but it’s not for me.

Source: The Mirror