How do you plan on maintaining the Art Department sound? How do you expect it to evolve over the coming months?
Like I said, I’m not planning on maintaining it really. In fact I’m not really planning much at all. I’m playing what I play and it’s going to evolve the same way that my sound has always evolved, organically. I don’t know what I’ll be really heavily into stylistically in a year from now and thats what keeps me excited about the job. All I can say is that I’m not thinking about the media or any expectations that anyone might have. I’m doing what we’ve always done and just playing music I’m into until I decide I don’t want to play music anymore… just like any DJ worth anything.

I spend my life hunting for the best underground records and I’m going to play the best stuff I can find. That’s it!

You will be at the helm of ‘fabric 82,’ a series well known and respected. Personally, what has the mix series meant to you as an artist and as a fan? Do you have any personal favourite fabric mixes?
Mixing this comp was definitely another milestone in my career. It meant a lot to me to work with Fabric on this and to have their support on this project as I continue on as AD on my own although all of us would have loved to have shared the experience with Kenny. Fabric is just one of those brands that commands so much respect and with good reason, so for an artist it becomes one of those moments in your career where you really feel that just being asked to do the mix is an achievement in itself. I really hope that I did the series justice with my selection of music because I know fabric mixes aren’t soon forgotten.

My personal favourite mix in the series is probably Omar S’ mix a couple of years back.

Omar S

As a club, how would you describe fabric? Do you have any particular memories playing the venue?
It’s an institution. I would describe it as the most important club in arguably one of the biggest meccas for dance music in the world. I remember every show we’ve done there from our first play in the old room 3 on our first month of our first tour as Art Department 6 years ago, to the several Social Experiment’s that we’ve curated in room 1. The stories within all those nights are some of my favourite and none really suitable for any interview…

fabric was recently threatened by the city with, at least, a revocation of its license if not all out closure. Coming from NYC, I am always aware as to the coded language many “authority” figures use in order to push certain establishments out of “developing/gentrifying” neighbourhoods. Do you have an opinion on this matter related to fabric?
Yeah I remember this shit! I woke up to find this nonsense and immediately posted a short speech about how much the club has meant to so many including myself along with a link to the petition to stop this. I mean, I get it. This isn’t something incomprehensible. It’s not as if everyone on the planet feels the way that we do about this music or understands how deeply fabric’s roots run in an important movement in music. This shit happens and all we can do in these moments is stick together and let our voices be heard. We’re not going anywhere so their efforts to stop it/us seem kind of futile, but if we don’t pay attention we could lose a fabric which is really just an extension of our freedom, so its important that we represent our culture in the right away when having to deal with people who don’t get it.

What was your approach to constructing the ‘fabric 82’ mix? Was it any different as a solo artist?
Well I’ve always kind of taken on the job of mixing all of the Art Department comps so it wasn’t different in terms of how I work really. Kenny would always give input but he always left it to me to do these. It was just part of how we use to split up the workload.

In terms of creatively, yes it was different. I always considered the music that Kenny would play so that I always maintained that AD sound on a comp the same way you would receive it in a DJ-set which only made sense. For this comp I guess I would say the sound was just completely my own. It’s not to say this is the definitive new sound of Art Department going forward because i do change from room to room, night to night and year to year but it was just me…

fabric 82 tracklist

01. Basic Channel – Mutism
02. Frank & Tony – Villa Seurat
03. Mr G – Hip Flexer
04. Doubt – Worse For The Wear
05. Borrowed Identity feat. Mechanical Soul Brother – Ruhephase In D-Moll
06. DJ Boom – Kinda Kickin’ (Efdemin Remix)
07. Brooks Mosher – Get Ready (Fred P. Reshape)
08. Scott Grooves & Kataconda – Decimal 2.0
09. Art Department feat. Seth Troxler – Cruel Intentions (Fred P. Reshape)
10. NGLY – Service Cost
11. Jonathan Lee – Dimensions
12. Herbert – Deeper
13. JTC – Valley Road (We Are 1) (DJ Qu Remix)
14. Nitejams – Untitled (NJ01 – B1)
15. Rick Wade – Wired
16. James Priestley & Marco Antonio – Speed
17. Basic Channel – Mutism

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