Speaking of M_NUS, what would you say the single most important thing was that you learned from the label and/or Richie himself?
When I joined I was pretty young and not very experienced. I learnt countless things from everybody there, especially Richie. But I’m not sure if there’s a specific thing. I think he was a guide that helped me become a professional while having a great time. There are also countless moments where I can apply things he or one of the other guys told me at certain moments that help me understand things better today, while I’m still learning.

Regarding the latest release, can you describe what the first aspect of your production ‘nUF’ was that came to you? What was its starting point?
I wanted to make something that reminded me to the old minimal, while it was still fresh and new. That’s what the nUF track comes in. It’s that sort of shuffley/bassy sound that I fell in love with in the past, mixed with a more current structure approach. I guess the whole ep has a bit of that, but particularly that track was the starting point for the theme.

The track is also remixed by Christian Burkhardt, which features on the EP. Why did you choose Christian to remix the track?
Christian has been a very good friend for many years and I always loved his music since he was releasing in Oslo Records. I thought he could have a different maybe more energetic approach, which sometimes is good to balance an EP. He agreed to do it and I really like the result. I’m happy he was able to join me on this one.

How do you see the dance music scene back in your native Argentina these days? How has it changed/evolved since you first landed on the International scene? What is it lacking still (if anything)?
Argentina always had a very special electronic music scene. Since I was very young we kind of always had a lot of things going on, but mostly in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Rosario. Today there are about 20-25 other cities where you can find great parties and also professional clubs and venues with great sound systems, which in the past was extremely rare. I guess the whole scene became more professional, promoters started traveling more, seeing how it was done in other places and brought nice ideas back.
About lacking things, maybe there’s still not a great deal of collaboration between promoters. It’s always been a bit of a war there, which always complicates things. But I’ve also been seeing a bit more of collaboration lately, so it could also get better soon.

Speaking of Argentina, I have heard there is quite the collection of Argentinean artists working and living in Berlin. Can you speak to this scene? Are their any names we should keep on our radar?
For sure, there’s a great deal of artists from all South America there. But if we specifically talk Argentina, my favorites are Federico Molinari, Ernesto Ferreyra, Alejandro Mosso, Alexis Cabrera, Nacho Sauchelli and Catnapp. Though there are also many others that travel there for the summer season, which makes it much more fun as well.

“nUF” is now available on Fun Records. Beatport | Decks | Deejay.de | Juno

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