The LP originally dropped via 3x vinyl, with a digital release following. Can you give some insight into this strategy? Was this your idea or Desolat’s?
We got involved in the release process and concepts. For us it was very important to put it out on vinyl. Actually, we wanted to have a triple vinyl and Desolat liked the idea. Obviously there are label and management strategies that promote a certain product, we cannot say all this maneuvering goes through our filters but the release plan we did it together with Desolat team.

Can you talk a little about the artwork behind the LP? Obviously, the cover is a photo of the two of you, but why did you choose still photography? Why black & white? Etc.?
The main concept of the cover is the both of us, and a silhouette – the collaborator. Each track is co-produced so the cover offers this particular information. The fact that the third character is hidden raises the question mark and breeds the Phantom Circle. We thought it looked the best in black and white so was just an aesthetic decision. Then you have all the small details which compliment the concept, the poster with the missing characters, the vinyl marked from A to F with no other info. The small details are what gives it the edge.

How has your summer been? Now that it’s at an end, do you have way of “winding down” after the constant travel?
Well, it was an amazing summer, many things happened and we got involved in so many projects that need to be finished. Actually we don’t really have time to relax, we are now on a North American tour so we are quite busy. Though with all the traveling we miss being in the studio. We love being there, it is our favorite spot 🙂

If there is one thing you hope listeners can get out of this project what would it be?
Resuming this enormous project to one core thing is not an easy task! In our opinion the main thing the album has to offer is the music obviously. We really hope people will enjoy each track, what sets them apart between the different co-producers, but also what ties them together. We really want people to have understood the concept too, we hope they enjoyed the experiment of the secret track list, played the game, forgot about the names and focused on the most important thing: listening and feeling the music!

Who knows, we can’t be totally sure what they will get out of this. It makes the album even more interesting, it’s an experiment for us too! We’re very excited about receiving the feedbacks, let’s see!”

Livio & Roby ‘Phantom Circle’ is out now on Desolat. BUY HERE

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